What we do



With a degree in Journalism and Professional Writing, and bylines in multiple publications, Keets + Comms founder, Nikita, is a fresh-faced journalist keen to tell your story.  


Have the words on the tip of your tongue but can’t quite get them out? We can help create engaging copy to help grow your brand, from blog posts to media releases and everything in between. 


Content Strategy

Social media can seem like a piece of cake, but is actually a lot more difficult than it seems if you want to do it well. We can take care of the hard parts so you can spend more time basking in all your glorious audience engagement.

Why work with us?

Fresh Perspectives

Keets + Comms is fresh out the womb, which means we aren’t run by crusty old white men and can create current and progressive projects for your brand.

Affordable Rates

With our current introductory offer (see Pricing) our rates are a steal. Quite literally, you will be stealing from us – we’ll forgive you though.

Reliable Services

We really enjoy our job and working with brands like yours! You can trust that we will put our all into your project to provide you with the best possible service.

Nikita Skuse


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